Create Social Media Marketing Videos Without Appearing on Camera

Gabriel Maybank || March 2, 2017

Marketing a business online is as easy as uploading an iPhone video of you talking about your product. The reality is, most of us are not comfortable appearing on camera. There are other ways to market your business with a social video without the pressure of being on camera and still attract new customers. You can easily create visually striking and budget-friendly videos without you appearing on screen.


Video Concepts and Approach

Decide on the story you want to tell and what type of video(s) would work best in telling that story. A video that explains who you are and what your brand, business, or product does is a good starting point. If you provide a service, explain how it works, your level of expertise, and why your service is valuable. If you make a product, explain what it is and the benefits of the product. These are just a few examples, but there are many categories you can use that may be more beneficial to reaching your audience.

How-to videos can be a great way to provide knowledgable information that can reach new potential customers just from others sharing your content. They will also establish your expertise and help market your brand across many social platforms.

Intersting story videos can attach like-minded audiences to your product or business. Tell something interesting that either gives backstory to the way you operate your business or adds value to your product. Make sure to incorporate your product with the story and lead potential customers back to your business.

Testimonial videos give your audience reassurance to buy and prove why potential customers can trust your business or product. Especially, if you provide a service, asking current customers to speak on your behalf on camera makes the testimony all the more real and keeps you off screen.

Promotional videos can be as easy as creating a slideshow 10-30 seconds long to highlight current deals or upcoming specials. Use seasons and holidays to market products and repurpose any content used from other projects.

Marketing Essentials

Include important company or product information in every video.

  • Company logo
  • Company slogan
  • Product shots
  • Photos from an About Us page
  • Photos from brochures or signage

Video Types

  • Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation (Explainer Videos)
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Spokesperson or Testimonial
  • Text-Based
  • Puppet or Mascot

Use websites like Fiverr to outsource video production cost, if you are unsure how to create videos. You can easily get a video done for you at a low-cost. You can look at the promotional video on the About Us section on this site. I used a combination of whiteboard animation, photo slideshows, and video clips from films to showcase all of the media production work I do. There are many types of videos you can use and still not appear on camera. Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm and show your audience something they will remember.



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