Where to Buy or Sell Stock Footage Online

Gabriel Maybank || November 16, 2016

What is Stock Footage?

Stock footage is an material recorded, filmed, or shot used in a production that it was not initially made for. Stock footage can be used in film as b-roll, in music, and even in book production for the cover. Stock footage can be still images, videos, music, or recorded sounds.

Do I Have to Pay for Stock Footage?

There are websites available that provide memberships for access to hundreds of royalty-free, copyright-free footage and also websites that provide access to direct artist willing to sell their footage outright or license use. It really depends on the project. Does it matter if you are not the only one using this footage? If it does, purchasing footage and obtaining full rights may be the better option. You can also find websites that offer free footage, but licensing and copyrights are sometimes hard to identify if you need to credit the work.

Selling Stock Footage

As a filmmaker, photographer, musician, foley artist, etc. you may want to consider selling some of your work as stock material. It is a decent way to earn a passive income. Video editors, designers, and marketers are always looking for stock material. You can license it for use and make residual income from multiple users from one piece of work money or sell it exclusive.

Licensing Agreement

A standard stock footage license agreement permits use and terms of use to buyers interested in using your work. It is necessary to present your own license agreement before delivering content to a buyer. This clarifies all rights and protects you legally from any misuse.

Where to Find Stock Footage


Shutterstock Music – Royalty Free Music
AudioBlocks – Music | Sound Effects | Loops
Stock Audio 123RF – From $1
Premium Beat – Exclusive Rights


Getty Images – High Resolution
iStock Photo – Stock Photos
Pixabay – Free Images
Pixels – Free Stock Photos


Film Supply – Stock Footage
Video Blocks – Copyright Free Film
Pond5 – Over 6 Million Clips
Video Hive – Stock Film | Intros | FX


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