Make Your YouTube Video Stand Out


Gabriel Maybank || Published April 14, 2016

Your audience is the mass society traveling the information highway on YouTube looking for news, sports, entertainment, etc. How can you bring them closer? How can you narrow down the billions of people online to find your video? Who is your video for? You should have an answer to that question long before producing the video. What do you want to tell them? Not every video is made industry standard or even in high quality. It all depends on the direction you want to go. One thing about the Internet is that you can portray whatever you wish, but people are still people and the old tactics of connecting with our audience remains the same: idea, need, product to fill the need.

Make Your Title Interesting

Prior to clicking on the video, the first thing a person reads is the title. Your title should explain what your video is about. For example, “How to (blank)”, “Tops 5 (blank)”, “Race Horse (blank)”, etc. It should match the interest of what people search for. Second to the title is the thumbnail image associated with the title. You can pick an image from the video or upload a custom image to support and verify that your video is what they are looking for. Without the title and thumbnail image being priority, you video is sure to get skipped.


Be Passionate About Your Work

Having an HD video is not as important as it used to be on YouTube because now people rather enjoy watching some crappy camera phone footage about anything. If your video is at least watchable and the audio is good, you can still capture an audience. If you are making an explanation video, it is in your best interest to make your video as best quality as possible with maximum effort and expression of how much you care about your audience interest in the topic. The same applies for filming movies or shorts, but generally not videos like “street fights” or something related to the sort where bad video and audio is expected before viewing.


Narrow Your Audience

YouTube sorts videos and places them in categories based on the tags you apply with the video you upload. Tags are short phrases that explain what the video is about. When a person searches for something, videos with tags closely related to the topic will appear. You can no longer tag your video to high heaven or it will be viewed as spam. So you have to be very specific on what tags you place to end up in the correct category for the search. You should have three tags at least starting from wide to narrow. Make a general category tag then a subcategory, and last sub-subcategory tag. Do more even tags to build around the last tag to narrow your topic, but don’t overdo it. For example: #auto, #sedan #hondaaccord #2012 #enginefix #doityourself or #diy, and #savemoney. Start wide and move to a more narrow tag. Your title can reiterate about what engine part you are showing how to fix yourself. The description and video will provide the in-depth detail. Once you have your audience, they will return to your page to learn more tips or whatever entertainment or information your video is providing.


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